Specialist window repair and repaints

If you are lucky enough to have either sash or casement windows in your property, we are happy to help you restore them to their original charm and functionality. These beautiful and original wooden windows are a real asset to a property and can enhance both the internal and external appearance. Traditional Sash Windows can deteriorate over a period of time if not looked after resulting in warping, jamming, wood rot, paint flaking and putty cracking.

In order to retain the charm of the traditional sliding sash design, it is important to maintain them with the correct techniques and products. Casement windows and sash windows are open to the elements and therefore wear and tear is inevitable.

We use Repair Care to ensure our repairs will stand the test of time. Most decorating firms traditionally use standard wood filling products which eventually shrink and crack, once again leaving windows and doors open to the elements.

We are not interested in a quick fix and producing a finish that looks good immediately but will not last. We pride ourselves on paying attention to thorough and adequate preparation work. Our high quality finish is achieved with attention to preservation, base coat, undercoat and top coat applications. We recommend a micro-porous flexible undercoat with a gloss, satin or eggshell finish.